Sunday, December 03, 2006

The "to be read" pile

A few posts back, I challenged readers to use to track their reading material. My tag cloud captures mine, and you can "subscribe" to what I read by logging into and subscribing to "lbernholz."

In the meantime, here are some recommendations, "the old fashioned way" - good old hyperlinks.

Complex problems need complex solutions. Foundations that understand this are increasingly including policy-focused or advocacy efforts in their program strategies. But how do you know if these investments are paying off? The California Endowment has published two reports on evaluating policy and advocacy activities (written by Justin Louie and Catherine Crystal Foster, my colleagues at Blueprint). Both reports are available here.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review has a story that shows off some of the coolest applications of technology to social challenges. Check out John Voelcker's story "Creating Social Change: 10 Innovative Technologies." (subscription required)

Bruce Sievers, of "flying pigs" fame, raises 8 questions about the Buffett/Gates gift.

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