Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pointing you to others

Two other blogs with some philanthropy tools and links you might find thought-inspiring:

First, the Case Foundation (Steve Case of AOL fame) has a spotlight section on their site that looks at the issues the foundation funds. Today (this week?) the Spotlight page will take you to some good links on giving, including research, tips and tricks, and holiday shopping possibilities.

Second, the GlobalGivingIndex on SocialEdge - its not perfect, but my hats off to GlobalGiving for recognizing the value of their data and sharing it in a new, useful way. Anyone using the index or data for research, analysis, comparison shopping? Ping me, I'd love to know.

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Dennis Whittle said...

I wish we at GlobalGiving could take credit for the GlobalGiving Index, but in fact it was Victor d'Allant and his gang at SocialEdge who thought this up. The Index has proven to be very popular, and we are looking for ways to create additional data feeds that will build on it. Stay tuned...