Sunday, October 30, 2022

Back where I started

Well, I guess there's a lot I could say through the lens of digital civil society about why I'm back here instead of running my mouth in a long twitter thread. I'll sum it up this way - our information spaces being controlled by unaccountable plutocrats is bad. This one's not much better than that one, but the overlord boosting lies about attempted political assassinations is a step too far for me. 

My whole life has changed since I started this blog. I'm now chronically ill and episodically disabled by long Covid. For the last 10 months, social media has played a socializing role in my life that it didn't play before - it is often the only way I'm in touch with people. Navigating my own health within the context of a global public health collapse has been tough, and the communities I've found via the bird site, Telegram, and Reddit have been critical for me. I won't leave the bird site entirely because of those communities. 

But I'm going to move my thoughts on philanthropy, digital civil society, and democracy back here where they started. I can also be found:


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