Friday, December 15, 2006

Talk about re-gifting

Changingthepresent is an online giving site (thank goodness, another one). Its particular spin - rather than spending money on gifts that the recipient a) won't like, b) won't use, c) already has, d) doesn't need or e) some combination of the above, the giver (you) should spend that money on a charitable donation to a worthy nonprofit.

Not much new there. The site throws in every known internet bell and whistle - there will be social networking, there will be celebrities, there is searching by issue and place and name, there is credibility. It looks a little like the folks behind this one read all the back issues of Business 2.0, mixed together every element of online technology fanciness they could (it even runs on open source software), cooked it ALL up one site, and now....we'll see.

I do give them credit for their "Stupid Gift Hall of Shame," which adds an appreciated bit of humor to the whole thing.


Robert Tolmach said...

You might also have noted that offers thousands of specific donation gifts from hundreds of leading nonprofits, so visitors can choose exactly what they want to accomplish. You can protect an acre of the rainforest or fund an hour of a cancer researcher's time. You can provide a child with a first book, an AIDS patient with life-saving drugs, refugees with shelter, or a hungry family with a nourishing meal. Where else can you do that?

As well as browse by cause, visitors can search by name to find almost any nonprofit, or peruse friends' wish lists and registries to find exactly what they would find most meaningful. They can then create personalized greeting cards, which will be mailed the next day to announce the donations made in friends' names. Again, where else can you do that?

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool to do all your charitable shopping at one spot.

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