Friday, December 01, 2006

Henry Jenkins Blog

Henry Jenkins is a faculty member at MIT Media Studies. His blog on games and interactive culture is worth checking out. His posts on civic media in the digital age have important insights on how communities are changing and using media.

So What for Philanthropy?

In order to be successful, philanthropy and philanthropists need to understand how communities work, where they are, what they want, and how they communicate. Some of the very best thinking on these issues is being done by people who specialize in media, gaming, and social networking systems.


Since I have an "old" Blogger*Plus account I can't yet develop categories for these posts. The categories I would use, if the technology allowed me to, would be as follows:

Civic Media
Community Philanthropy
Digital Philanthropy
Micro - enterprise, finance, etc.
Philanthropy and Information
Philanthropy and New Media, Technology
Philanthropy Networks
Progressive Philanthropy
Social - enterprise, entrepreneurs, etc.
Social Capital Markets

And this post would be categorized in DP and PNMT

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