Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Carbon trading

Lots of news about carbon trading. You can minimize your guilt about the carbon you use by buying carbon credits and supporting renewable resources. Here are some places to look into it for yourself

Carbon Fund lets you offset the pollution you create by driving for a simple annual fee.

Offsetters lets you offset the pollution you create at home.

TerraPass started the trend with stickers you could post on your SUV.

Need help picking your carbon trader? Public Radio International's The World ran a program on the subject on November 22, 2006 that can teach you more.

I actually think Jimmy Carter had it right. So before investigating these trading options, go bundle up in a cardigan sweater, turn down the thermostat, walk to the store. This is a case where less is more - the less you have to trade away the more you are doing to help.

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