Sunday, January 21, 2007

Anonymous voting and aligned investing

There is an interesting back story happening with regard to the Poll on social investing.

I have received a lot of email (not blog-posted) comments aboutthe poll on social investing. Many of them have noted individual's reluctance to vote their own opinions because of the ways their employers (foundations) actually invest.

Let me assure you that the voting is anonymous, no names or emails are associated with votes, and nobody's name but mine will be associated with this poll (unless you ask to be so associated).

My opinion is my opinion. By voting in the poll, you are not agreeing with me - not by a long stretch (according to the ways results seem to be tallying).

One more thing - in my opinion, the leaders of social investing are the conservative, free market foundations. They invest RIGHT IN LINE with their values - free market values, free market grants, free market investing. I'm going to coin a phrase and start calling the practice "aligned investing" (since value investing is already taken).

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