Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogging Davos

This is Arianna Huffington's view of blogging Davos:

"..Ben Hammersley, who created The Guardian's Comment is Free, said only half-jokingly, "If we're doing it from Davos, blogging is officially over." I countered that it was just the beginning of the next blogging explosion. "Today Davos, tomorrow the Bohemian Grove. I can't wait until someone is videoblogging Henry Kissinger running naked in the woods."

So what for philanthropy? Davos = an elite of an elite. Blogging = the rest of us. Issues being discussed = significant for all the world. Philanthropy = well represented at Davos, desperately in need of connection from the rest of the world. I'm so curious as to how to take the Prospero idea of a 'visual commons' that doesn't reflect a one-way view and use the experience of blogging Davos as an example of the need for talking, not broadcasting.

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