Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nonprofit Commons in SecondLife

There is a great picture of the 2L nonprofit commons at Beth's blog.

The dancing man and the piano were making guest appearances - they were part of the TechSoup demo at NCG.


Anonymous said...

And that was in me in the purple skirt and techsoup t-shirt. I'm curious what types of questions were asked by the audience in regards to games/virtual worlds and nonprofits? Were there any skeptics?

Lucy Bernholz said...

I posted some of the questions that were asked in response to your previous post. I think the self-selected nature of this audience screened out true skeptics - at least I didn't hear any of them voice their opinions. Most questions were about joining the NPSL google group. Time for questions was very short - it would be a great thing to promote further discussion about - with/through NCG and listserv - or, gasp, another scheduled presentation in 2L that folks could join remotely