Friday, January 05, 2007

The book is in the mail

Actually, it just arrived on my desk. The World We Want - (or at least the book about it) - is now available.

Peter Karoff and Jane Maddox wrote this book, with contributions from Pierre Omidyar, Steve Case, Peggy Dulaney, Bill Drayton, me, and many others. My piece on Open Philanthropy lists seven key principles (or building blocks):

1. Facilitate adaptation - don't hinder it
2. Design for interoperability; local specificity will follow
3. Build for the poorest
4. Assume upward adaptability
5. Creativity and control will happen locally
6. Diversity is essential
7. Complex problems require hybrid solutions

These principles can help us define a more effective philanthropy. Stay tuned. I'll elaborate on each one in coming posts. (But, please, buy the book)

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