Monday, January 29, 2007

Online social networks and Second Life philanthropy

Thanks to Allison Fine and Beth Kanter - you can add these examples of networked philanthropy to the list that is growing here.

More examples of SL fundraising.
Homeless Avatar - Raising money for homeless teens in Span
Summary of Early Efforts to Fundraise in Second Life (6 months ago, includes ACS)
Relay for Second Life
Yak Campaign
World Vision Gift Catalogue
Some examples of fundraising campaigns mounted in social networking sites ...or as participatory media campaigns -
Street Kids - raised $8,000 from $10 donations from flickr contacts
Creative Commons Swag Contest - you had to purchase some swag (how they raise annual funds, take a photo of yourself in flickr, winners get Lessig on their answering machine) -- part of an overall annual campaign that raise a lot of money - culminated with a party in Second Life.

Kansas City Cultural Center chaired by Jan Kraemer
Sharing Foundation (Note Sharing Foundation's fundraising campaign here started on Beth Kanter's blog down the left side)

And donors look like this:
Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees site
ChipIn (a widget that can be added to a site) or Network for Good's Sharing Network
Global Giving
Here is a resource site for additional for additional how-tos/pointers

Beth has a helpful case study of her widget fundraising experience at

And Beth points to Nick Booth's interview and his UK perspective how-tos:

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