Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Zagat guide to nonprofits

Perla Ni, formerly of Stanford Social Innovation Review, has headed off to a new venture - a reviewers guide to nonprofits. You can sign up for info at GreatNonprofits. The site is live though the organization seems to be incubating. She's got an advisory board and a website - maybe that is all it takes to start a nonprofit nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Lucy!

We're building a collective place for people passionate about nonprofits. A place where people who've witnessed first hand how a person's life is changed by a nonprofit, can share their powerful stories.

And another reason we're doing this is because there's nothing like transparency and empowering volunteers and clients to have a voice to improve accountability. If a nonprofit has room for improvement people will be able to post constructive feedback on the site.

Anyways, enough promises! Please come back to visit the site later this year and see for yourself.

Perla Ni
CEO, GreatNonprofits