Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Foundations and donors that blog

What foundations are blogging? I know of the MacArthur Foundation, Diana Sieger of Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Brian Byrnes of Vermont Community Foundation, Austin Hill in Canada, Acumen Fund, and various folks at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and their Pioneer blog.

And the next question: which foundations or donors are doing anything in virtual worlds (SecondLife, There.com, others) or social networks such as MySpace?


Tom Williams said...


After reading this post of yours this morning, I posted this post in response.



Anonymous said...

We blog at Washington Area Women's Foundation...http://thewomensfoundation.org/category/blog/.

Anonymous said...

Lucy: MacArthur Foundation help a press conference in Second Life to announce its digital learning initiative. I live blogged it. They are also providing funding to organizations do project/research in SEcond Life - such as Global Kids, New Media Consortium.

As far as I know, there are no foundations participating in the nonprofit island project hosted by TechSoup -- via a donation from Second Life's millionaire - Ashne Chung Studios.

Anonymous said...

the rasch foundation blogged about a social entrepreneur they supported here, i hope they blog with other examples like this:

aaron pereira

Evonne @ Amoration said...

MacArthur has earmarked $50 million for virtual world education, and similar groups are coming inworld now to test the waters in Second Life. MacArthur did a large mixed reality event with New Media Consortium a few months back with bloggers in both worlds.

Beth Kanter and Rik Riel have some of the best blogs about Second Life and how it relates to the nonprofit sector:



Evonne @ Amoration said...

There's also the crossover appeal of moving from one social network to another to work on these issues in practical ways....a whole group of us migrated from the Omidyar Network to Second Life to build together and test out new ideas in 3D space. Lots of amazing nonprofit work happening in Second Life now with a new free commons for NPOS opening next month and lots of resources, groups, tools available.