Friday, April 13, 2007

On financing Global Health - GPF April 13

Lessons learned on financing health care in developing countries
Richard Feacham

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

  1. Extreme importance of local ownership – let the demand side rule
    1. If Adam Smith had a chapter on global development funding he would have designed the Global Fund and its local funding/demand-driven approach
  2. Performance based funding matters – money must follow results
  3. Transparenc
    1. Global Fund website lets you track 450 investments, why, where and what
    2. It is state of art in terms of transparency and it should not be - all funders should make available this kind of Information
  4. Innovation is critical - the public sector (and private efforts) failed us on AIDS for 25 years
  5. Support private sector solutions
    1. Public Sector role: Stewardship, protecting interests of very vulnerable and prevent exploitation
    2. In delivering health care in developing countries we need to focus on/ promote and expect the private sector – NGOs, churches, private and nonprofit companies
    3. The Silicon Valley emphasis on markets and private effort that is in such broad display here is not the norm when it comes to health in developing countries
  6. Need to take risks

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