Thursday, April 12, 2007

Giving - sex, drug and Robin Hood

Lots of coverage for the study that showed giving hits the brain with hormones similar to those that are activated by sex and food. The folks at xigi added drugs to that list. A new study says its actually the human impulse for egalitarian behavior - we want to take from the rich and redistribute to the poor.


xb blog said...

many of the reports about the study talk about the connection to drugs. and a warm glow

xb blog said...

i went to the research site, bought the report for $10. here is an excerpt: The importance of these fronto–limbic networks for human
altruism concurs with their key roles in more basic social and
motivational mechanisms. The mesolimbic system regulates
overall reward reinforcement and prediction and is activated by
a host of stimuli, including food, sex, drugs, and money
be glad to send the report along if you want it.