Sunday, April 01, 2007

How many universes do you occupy?

The Avatar Action Center is a community of activists focused on using avatars to engage humans in issues of sustainability. It is built to connect real reality and virtual reality - including all the many universes (metaverses).


OK, by now you know about SecondLife. But do you know about There, SimsOnline, ClubPenguin, HiPiHi (China's beta virtual world) or Kaneva? (These are other virtual worlds - after all, why would there be only one?)

And you know what an avatar is? And an activist?

So we're good to go - the Avatar Action Center:

"...seeks to build bridges between virtual worlds and the real one by educating people in virtual life about real world sustainability issues with the goal of encouraging them to take action in both worlds."
This is good. Get people (avatars) where they are. Find out why they care about global warming. Give them multiple options for ways to connect and get active. And connect them all. Across worlds, across time zones, interests, and currencies. This is a great example of using all life forms to make change - check it out.

DISCLOSURES: The Avatar Action Center has submitted a proposal to the NetSquared Innovation Fund. I am on the Board of Directors of CompuMentor (and, by extension, TechSoup and NetSquared). People behind AAC gave me my first useful tour of SecondLife, way back when.

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what's your avatar name in Second Life? I'm Beth Kavka. Look me up