Monday, April 02, 2007

DESIGNING solutions

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum opens an exhibit on May 4 called "Design for the Other 90%" which includes samples of the LifeStraw, the Q-Drum (shown above), the "pot-in-pot" refrigerator (which re-applies centuries-old tech and design) and the IDE treadle pump. Good design, good works.


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Unknown said...

Design at the BOP is vital to creating products affordable to people who may only have a few dollars to spare and often have little access to microcredit. Too few companies consider the potentials of products specifically tailored for BOP consumers and thus a large sector of humanity has few people working to provide solutions to their problems. At AIDG many of the products we produce can exist only because larger, more established, commercial manufacturers simply don't make an effort to tap the low end of the market. Siemens could make the hydroelectric circuitry we do significantly cheaper they just haven't decided to pursue the market.