Sunday, April 22, 2007

How do you know....

My cousin sent me a link to Greendimes. For a $36 per year membership fee ("a dime a day"), these folks will:

1) remove you from junk mail lists so that the 702 catalogues you get every month that go directly from your mailbox to your recycling bin will stop coming to your house, and 2) plant one tree per month in your name.

So. Is it a nonprofit or a commercial endeavor?

This is what greendimes says about itself:

"For a dime-a-day, GreenDimes will reduce the marketing at your home, help you maintain your privacy and plant a bunch of trees on your behalf.

GreenDimes is the first service from Tonic, the socially responsible lifestyle company that finds uplifting ways to invigorate and strengthen people's lives and the planet. Tonic is good for you and good for the planet."

Does that make you
a) more interested,
b) less interested,
c) more trusting of them and how they will deal with your personal information,
d) less trusting of them and how they will deal with your personal information, or
e) none of the above
f) all of the above.

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ceesutt said...

Hi Lucy,

You pose a great question and i would have loved to hear what your readers thought at the time..

We have been in business only 10 months and have learned a ton about the junk mail industry; what it costs our environment and how effective we can actually be.

Based on that, we launched a new site today that lowers the price to $15 as a one time fee. For each member we are planting 10 trees per each purchase of a Junk Mail Reduction Kit. In the coming weeks we will be posting our checks to AmericanForests, online, as a way to ensure users it's really happening...

We are also aggressively pursuing an end to junk mail for good and have created a petition that we will use to petition congress to enact a national do not junk registry. 14 states have already begun the legislative process!

Thanks for listening, Colin