Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where will your disaster dollars go?

As I write this, Gustav has moved, having left 80+ people dead in Cuba and is now bearing down on the gulf coast. Hanna is headed for Florida's eastern flank. There are two more tropical storms brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to The Wall Street Journal (and some others), the Red Cross is in dire straits. Where will your disaster relief giving dollars go?


Lucy Bernholz said...

Thhe Text2Help shortcode for the Red Cross:

And Barack Obama: Give $5 by texting GIVE to 24357 or give more by calling 1-800-435-7669 or at

The Resistance said...

The information that you are posting is totally incorrect. 80,000 homes were damaged in the special municipality in the Isla de la Juventud and in eastern Pinar del Rio Province, BUT NO ONE DIED IN CUBA.

Contrast that with the 1,500 dead when Katrina hit New Orleans three years ago.

Lucy Bernholz said...

My mistake - when I wrote this post the
death toll was at least 78 in countries across the Caribbean - Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica, specifically. (not Cuba).