Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Algorithms and recommendations

Broadband Internet access may have done more to disrupt the recording industry then any other, though I suppose print journalism is not far behind. I find that it pays to listen to music lovers when it comes to their thoughts on web-based tools as they tend to try them all and have definite and informed opinions.

Several folks who commented on my "Pandora, Pop Culture and Philanthropy" post fall into this category so I want to draw your attention to this note, on three types of recommendation structures:
"I think that different people (or personalities) seek out different types of recommendations.

I'd say there are about three types of recommendations that people look for, Expert (a professional reviewer), Social ("hey, my buddy really liked this"), and Managed (radio plays and automated recommendations). The best resources will be the ones that offer all three." (Thanks, Aram ZS)
Words to the wise for the data discussion and those considering building recommendation engines or models to guide donors.

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Jason said...

Great point! I think that you are completely right there are a few different kinds of referrals people are looking for. I also think that referrals are a huge deal for a lot of people.