Sunday, August 31, 2008

While I'm away

Well I am away but not for the reason (vacation) I had planned. So instead I'm within striking distance of the Internet and can't help but capture some thoughts in between other things....

Sean Stannard Stockton has a good conversation going on over at tacticalphilanthropy about philanthropic advising. I, of course, suggest you consider his ideas and the comments in light of the larger frame of "the business of giving."

Maybe it was to the 13 tweets and countless emails I received from Michelle, Barack, and David in the last week, or the constant IM'ing with my siblings as we update on family drama and track each other's cross-country flight schedules minute by minute, but life for this 45 year old is now pretty thoroughly mobily online. I also noted the first 2 of the following interesting uses of technology in nonprofit activism at ...
  1. A site where you can ask any politician running for office a question about the nonprofit sector and the answers will be posted to a public blog - check out the V3 Campaign.
  2. The much discussed use of LinkedIn to ask donors what irks them.
  3. I've just found out, courtesy of the weather channel, that I am in the "cone" of Gustav and Hannah. Which led to me find out about Andy Carvin's Gustav08.ning site (which came to my attention through a Facebook status update). The ning site has a wiki, tweets, text alerts, and so on. You can get a gustav badge here, but I don't yet see a "donate now" button...
And finally, this has nothing to do with philanthropy, but it did come to my attention via Facebook - Maybe McCain really meant to choose Tina Fey as his VP? - and it gave me a much needed chuckle.

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