Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A gathering of market makers

Back in June I called for a new one-click infrastructure. My point - with the abundance of social action platforms and online giving sites it is high time they got together and identified their shared needs, regulatory issues, market size, and ways they might share data.

Well, Wednesday night in San Francisco an impressive number of representatives from these sites are getting together at the Awareness2Action gathering. Perhaps years from now this bar gathering will be as notable as the luncheons that led to the regional associations of grantmakers and eventually to the Council on Foundations. Good for them. And good for the rest of us.

Here's the description from the event site:

"You are a changemaker. You get the power of the web to convert awareness into action, and you're jumping on this opportunity to effect positive change in a scalable way.

Come out and connect with folks like you who lead organizations that make a difference at an exclusive mixer with limited attendence (60 people).

We'll have founders, CEOs and/or key people from:

- Kiva
- Room to Read
- Ashoka
- Involver
- World of Good, Inc.
-, by eBay
- eduFire
- CauseCast
- Better World Books
- SocialVibe
- NetImpact
- Market for Change

There'll also be a few investors in the mix, including folks from:

- Greylock
- Omidyar Network
- Good Capital"

Shout out to WJ for the heads up.

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