Monday, October 18, 2010

Get ready for 2011

Reading this post on the blog? Look over there to the top spot, right hand column. See the ad for last year's 2010 industry forecast, Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2010.*

Now, get ready for 2011. Blueprint 2011 is coming soon! (Available for orders on December 1)

The forecast is the only independent, quick-read forecast of trends that covers the full spectrum from giving to social investing. It separates the buzz from the stuff that matters and makes sense of pending policy discussions that will matter in the year to come. It's perfect for donors, board members, end-of-year thank you gifts, financial advisors, and foundation staff. Available in bulk or customized with your organization's letter and logo, Blueprint 2011 will be available starting on December 1. You can pre-order yours today.

Maybe you're still riding the intellectual high from #SoCAP10, The World Bank's Open Forum, #CommNet010, Tahoe Tech Talk, Health 2.0, or the Fall Retreat of the Environmental Grantmakers Association?

Or perhaps you are gearing up for The Feast, the Columbia Social Enterprise Conference, the Opportunity Collaboration, Net Impact, ASF, Opportunity Finance Network, South African Network for Impact Investing, European VPA, Investors' Circle, SVN, SVPI, Yale's SOM Philanthropy Conference, or focusing your attention on upcoming sessions at Grantmakers in the Arts, Pop!Tech or Independent Sector?

If so, you know all too well how hard it can be to carry great conference insights back to your office and focus on the year ahead. That's where Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2011 comes in. Think of it as the best of those conference in a quick-read book form (or e-book - the Blueprint is available for Kindle!)

Don't just take my word for it. Bradford K. Smith of The Foundation Center notes how useful the forecast is:
“If you are trying to figure out what to do with your philanthropy in a fast changing environment and have time to read only one thing Blueprint 2010 is it. In a few brief pages Lucy Bernholz takes challenges that could be intimidating and makes them empowering. Philanthropy is about choices, and Blueprint 2011 will help you make the right ones.”
While Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Chair Emeritus of SV2 and Board Chair of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, recommends not just the forecast but also the seminar series:
"Lucy Bernholz's industry forecast, Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2011, is an accessible and valuable resource for all of us in the sector (and especially those of us teaching about it!). The 2010 edition was one of my favorite gifts to give last year, and we look forward to doing deep-dive learning seminars with both SV2 and the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society on this year's publication."
And Doug Kridler of The Columbus Foundation notes:
"Whether you read it and weep, or read it and cheer, Lucy’s Blueprint 2010 is the perfect relevance conversation starter for foundation staffs and boards. I am sure Blueprint 2011 will be just as important for the year to come."
You can pre-order bulk copies using this form. Individual copies will be available on and starting on December 1. Watch this space for more information or contact us by email at

* Since we're now in the fourth quarter of 2010, we've dropped the price of the Kindle version of Philanthropy and Social Investing: Blueprint 2010. Electronic versions are now only $4.99 - get yours here.

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