Wednesday, October 06, 2010 - keeping the conversation going

A few days ago I wrote "Speeches, listening and learning" about how I try to integrate the many sources of information out there and weave together various conversations and data sources. Some suggested that in doing this I am playing the network weaver role. Many folks emailed me about this post, probably because of the great Maira Kalman slides, so it seemed to strike a chord. If so, I hope its useful.

Here's another great example of how this works when it works. I'm not "attending" #SoCAP10 this year for a variety of reasons. Not "attending" in the traditional sense that is, meaning I'm not at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

But I've followed along on Twitter, have spoken or met with several folks who are attending, know that there is video being streamed (and archived?) and have kept up at least 5 daily IM/texting chats with folks at Fort Mason over the last 2 days. Twitter often serves as a my own disbursed network of reference librarians, people find and tweet things of interest to them and I use them as filters for my interests.

By not being at the conference I've actually got 5 or 50 of me there - all in different rooms, hearing different things, conveying them to me (and lots of others). I'm "listening across the venue" for the tidbits and insights that I need. When more than one person says, "Hey, so and so has a great presentation," I crank out an email to so and so and ask for her slides.

When I reached out to Brian Walsh of Liquidnet to get his slides he sent me back a note saying - "Better yet, here's the blog we set up to share the information." So - here's the blog they set up to share the information, Since it's a blog, you can comment, tweet about it, read the slides, and participate in this continuation of the conversation. Well done, Brian, et al.


Adin said...

Lucy, I love how you participate in conferences from afar! I want to give a little background on the seven images on the website Liquidnet set up, which may not have come through on the video feed or Twitter posts.

Liquidnet sponsored the Tactical Philanthropy track at SOCAP10 and placed the seven slides pictures on huge poster boards in the conference room for the track. These seven images attracted an audience before and after each session. Liquidnet also included a comment area for the slides, which I hope will somehow get featured by Brian or others.


Lucy Bernholz said...

Thanks Adin - useful info! Thanks for all your great communicating to those of us afar!