Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Philanthropy Observations (RPOs)

I'm traveling a lot, writing like mad to meet the December 1 publication date for Blueprint 2011, and am close to final manuscript for a new book, so blogging is taking a bit of a backseat. I have a moment now and thought I'd orient you to the many nodes where you can find my writing.

I've just started a Tumblr connected to this blog ( This is supposed to be "great technology for short blog posts." It fits between a blog post and tweet. So that is where you'll find my Random Philanthropy Observations (RPOs).

This blog is connected to several other sites where I focus on specific sub-topics in "the business of giving." Here's what you'll find and where to look for it:

Here - philanthropy2173 - pretty much everything except Random Philanthropy Observations.

SSIR Blog - more academic blog posts, wonky book reviews, research related stuff

Huffington Post - general interest giving

Sneak announcement - I'll soon be blogging for the Guardian UK starting in mid November (11/11). I'm very excited for the official launch of their new site. I'll be writing about global trends in the social sector.

Tumblr - short stuff that needs to be held on to until later, random philanthropy observations (RPOs)
Twitter - @p2173 - curated links to cool things, really short thoughts

We also still have the philanthropy policy blog. I'm in talks with lots of people to create a project that will look at the many policy domains that influence and shape the social system, philanthropy, and social investing. As soon as this book manuscript goes to the publisher I'll be starting a book/project on the policy landscape. Look for this site to get more active when that happen.

As for publishing, Blueprint 2011 will be available in hard cover from, on Kindle via Amazon, and in other e-book formats probably on Scribd and/or Issuu. If there is another electronic format you want, please let me know.

I am working on two longer blog posts, possibly even a series of posts on Citizens United and the McCallum bill. Can't promise when I'll get to those - but I'll get there.

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Debra Askanase said...

Nice to be aware of all of your other online places.
Sounds like starting your Tumblr blog is the right fit for those shorter posts when blogging takes the back seat. Congrats on the Guardian UK job, too!