Thursday, October 07, 2010

World Bank #OpenData Open Forum

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Where am I?

I'm in San Francisco, participating in two conversations in DC that are happening in two different auditoriums at World Bank. In one of the auditoriums in DC, Hans Rosling is participating via video stream. (Twitter is not working at this exact moment so my effort to live tweet this was thwarted.) There is live video stream, two roundtables, and an online chat.

Live site is here:
There are several good resources hanging off the site underneath the live video.

Announcement: World Bank Data will be available in Google Search in 34 languages.

Some quotes:
"#OpenData are the roads of the 21st Century."
Check Twitter stream #opendata and #wbmeets

Historical perspective: Tim O'Reilly talking about how #opendata movement started - All started with Carl Malumud in 1993, put SEC EDGAR database on the web. Did it with volunteers, ran it for a year and half, then donated it to the SEC.
"What else is going to become valuable?
(Tim O'Reilly, thinking back to 1990s)
Incredible resources and examples from #apps4africa and others.

Good discussion of the power dynamics for governments and empowering citizens. There need to be demands from the bottom up and the right to the data need to be protected by law. Right to Information Act in India - these are key parts of the story.

Some folks now refer to World Bank as Data Bank.

"Anyone can be a think tank" - analysis is as important as are apps and maps.
"Open Solutions in Open Development" - Bank provides the data but the world does the analysis and asks/answers the questions.

"Data are the fuel of the new economy."

Remember - mobile phones don't just let people access data, it lets them create data.

This was a fabulous event. The many interviews, the two auditorium features, Tim O'Reilly interviews, "man on the street interviews," tweeting, etc. all the technology was amazing. More important, the Bank's efforts with Open Data are fantastic. I hope the Bank will keep the resources, video archive, stream available. Check the conversation and resource lists here.

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