Friday, October 09, 2009

More maps of the sector

Here are two more sets of maps to add to our growing atlas of the social sector. These were created and shared by the folks noted below - they were kind enough to share, please give them credit if you use their work.

First, thanks to Lisa Richter of GPS Capital Partners for her maps of social capital. Lisa and I recently published Equity Advancing Equity - a review of community philanthropy, mission investing and social equity. Three of Lisa's excellent maps are attached:
  1. A comparison of foundation resources to US government and capital markets;
  2. A segmented look at the MRI supply by issue area
  3. A map of an efficient social capital marketplace

Second, McKinsey and Co., led by Laura Callanan, has been making sense of the universe of tools and approaches for social impact assessment. Their work includes the building of a publicly accessible database of these tools that will be hosted by The Foundation Center. In addition to the database, they've drawn these maps of two elements of that landscape:
  1. Landscape of tools
  2. Landscape of common standards

You can get more information on McKinsey's work here.

These maps join the others on the Flickr page. Thanks folks, I'm still trying to figure out how to redo the original doers and donors maps - I welcome your continued input and your map examples.


Tom Bailey said...

You have a great blog and you are one of only two that I follow in this area right now.

Visit mine and share your thoughts.

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Mapping Apps said...

The landscape given is indeed useful. Still wondering why US capital market is very low as compared to global. 3 Trillion against 196 Trillion!