Thursday, October 29, 2009

Huff Post Game Changers in Philanthropy

So there I was, minding my own business with friends in New Hampshire, watching the Yankees game (or what most of you call "The World Series") when I get a call - "You're on the front page of the Huffington Post!" So....I turn away from the TV (Yankees up 2-1)*, boot up laptop and find this:

"Current Status: Blogging the business of giving

Changing The Game By: Creating a conversation pit for the philanthropic sector with her blogsite Philanthropy 2173, an “accessible round-up and analysis of emerging trends.” The founder of Blueprint Research and Design, a strategic consulting firm for philanthropic organizations, Bernholz brings all the elements -- individual donors, foundations, trends and issues -- together in an effort to divine, and optimize, the future of generosity in a time of economic crisis.

Killer Quote: “Necessity is the mother of social innovation.”

Fun Fact: The blogsite takes its name from Woody Allen’s Sleeper, which was set 200 years in the future, because the 1973 film “helps us realize that so much of what we think is true may not be.”

Must Click Link: Philanthropy 2173
The list of 10 game changers is really humbling - founders of some of the most significant innovations in philanthropy in our time, from Ashoka to Kiva, from big givers to the big change that micro makes happen. I'm flattered and astonished to be listed among them.

Thank you, Arianna Huffington and HuffPo for including an idea person in this esteemed crowd. Thanks to all of you readers who have helped shape the ideas on this blog over the past several years. And thanks to all of you are changing the game in philanthropy - we all benefit from the good that you do.

*Don't hate me for being a Yankee fan, I was born into it. And to add to the confusion my mom was a Red Sox fan - it's lucky I made it this far. And yes, I'm rooting (quietly and behind closed doors) for the NYY in New England.

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Congratulations, Lucy - well deserved! -- Katya

LifePortal, Inc. said...

Very well deserved, Lucy. I read your blog daily and credit it with having expanded many of my horizons on philanthropy, social media, and more!