Monday, October 05, 2009

Do-ers and Donors v 2

Your comments on the first version of my map of the social sector are fabulous - check it all out here. And special thanks to Tim Ogden, who shared his version of this idea from some years ago. It is below. If you have other versions that you'd like me to share, please send 'em along.

I am working on the improvements you've been suggesting - will post a revision as soon as I can.

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Tim Ogden said...

To clarify one point about the map. The thickness of the line around the circle is indicative of how closely connected the group is (e.g. academics are well connected to other academics). The thickness of the line between the circles indicates how strong the connection is between the group and another group.

Part of the point of the slide when I originally drew it up was to show how unconnected the typical private donor is to any of the sources of knowledge in the sector.