Monday, October 05, 2009

More maps of Do-ers And Donors V 3

Wow - this map thing is taking off. I should have started here - with the great maps from the Skoll SocialEdge, SocialActions session at #SoCap09. At this rate we're going to have to plan a gallery tour of "maps of the social sector." If you have more, please send them in - we'll get 'em all posted - for now, here's the Flickr set.

Jill Finlayson's posts from the session - accessible here, here and here - give some background on the maps and their purpose. I'll be trying to fold these data into my maps - and again, thanks everyone for sharing maps, suggestions, and improvements - please keep the insights coming!

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Christine Egger said...

Just tweeted this, but thought it worth posting here, too. Sidney Hargro tweeted a link to this "Periodic Table of Visualizations" a few days ago. Its content is all over the map (pun intended) but is a great source of ideas and inspiration for visualizing data:

Here's the trick: to use these visualizations to draw attention to the data that's in them *and* the data that isn't. Art students are taught how to "see" a painting's negative space. Even as we develop skills for painting philanthropic data with all these new media, we need to simultaneously learn how to step back from those paintings and identify what's missing. I respect the discussion that Jill led at SoCap especially because she presented these visual aids in that context, asking "Where are the gaps? What isn't represented here that should be, or could be? and then How do we develop tools that make that data visible, too?"

All very exciting stuff :)