Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wanted: iPhone App

According to the wee bit of media coverage I've seen, its clear that the world will never be the same after everyone (anyone?) gets their hands on the iPhone (Friday 6 pm local time, where ever you are) . Given this, I want to know "How will the iPhone change philanthropy?"

It seems doable, since the iPhone is a mobile phone, an online teller to your bank, a web surfing computer, and (soon) a stored payment system. You can even listen to your own music playlist while you consider your giving options. What will be the first iPhone philanthropy application? And where will it come fron?

Meanwhile, in my real-world never-ending quest to track ways to give without giving, I must now add instant messaging to the list. You can give simply by IM'ing with MSN.

So far my list of "embedded giving" mechanisms includes:
Less techy are the requests at the grocery store checkout line to donate to cancer research or the extra line for a donation to redress hunger, located on a restaurant credit card slip between "tip" and "total.

I'm sure there are more. Send 'em my way.


Bruce Trachtenberg said...

The iphone already comes with its philanthropy applications. The ability to surf the web from the palm of your hand, and in ways that you can't on most other devices, will allow you to stay current on all the blogs and the advice they have about where to give and how to give.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy, have you seen any philanthropy apps yet? A friend and I are looking into raising money and developing one. If you have any tips or can point out any you have seen please do so! Thanks

Lucy Bernholz said...

TheExtraordinaries are building iphone (and other smartphone) volunteer apps. Text donations systems are available from several vendors. specific iphone giving app - like a donatenow button - I haven't seen it - but could be out there!
Good luck!