Friday, June 29, 2007

The other way to use iPhone for giving

Yesterday I asked what the first iPhone philanthropy application would be.

I should have known - buying one and auctioning it off for a fundraiser.

Keep a Child Alive, a NYC organization that provides AIDS drugs to kids, sent a staff member to stand on line to buy one the phones. Along with a lot of other donations, the organization will hold an eBay auction and sell the phone (and everything else) to the highest bidders.

I shoulda known. Talk about the new and the old coming together.

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Troy Worman said...

This is a great idea. Perhaps the window of opportunity has closed for auctioning an iPhone for charity, but there will always be another "It."

I found Philanthropy 2173 via its mention in a recent hardcopy of FC. Apparently, it was called Philantrophy 2225 at the time of publishing. Nonetheless, I am happy to be here. This is a wonderful blog. I look forward to returning.