Friday, June 22, 2007

Real questions to consider

Prokofy Neva does a great job of outlining a new kind of philanthropy - an outline which was kick started by Friday's virtual world discussion. The full post and comments are worth reading. There is also a podcast. Here are, literally, the headlines of the outline:
  1. micropayments
  2. accountability
  3. participation
  4. solicitation
  5. combinations
  6. feedback/correction
  7. presence
  8. narrow bandwidth
  9. broad bandwidth
  10. preservation
These headings mean nothing without the content - I'm just trying to tempt you to go read the post. This type of public, thoughtful discussion of what philanthropy is, what it can be, what it can do (and all the can nots that go along with that list) is just what we need.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But will these methods actually change anything? Philanthropy hasn't put itself out of business over centuries.