Monday, June 25, 2007

Civil war vet leaves estate to charity

This story gives a somewhat new meaning to giving after living. Eighty years after his death, the estate of Adam Brinker, a civil war vet from Pennsylvania, has finally transferred gifts totalling $10 million to three charities. The full story is here.

I appreciate the irony of this story breaking today, as the major papers are covering new Giving USA numbers which include the "fact" that the number of bequests fell year over year since 2005. Or as Sally Beatty wrote in the WSJ:
Charitable bequests fell 2.1% to $22.91 billion, the second consecutive yearly decline. More financial consultants are urging wealthy individuals to make major gifts before they die so they can keep a closer eye on how their money is being spent, and get the satisfaction from watching their gifts be used to help others.
I wonder what year this bequest will count towards?

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