Monday, March 19, 2007

What are you listening to?

Enough about blogs, what about philanthropy podcasts? I love podcasts. They let me listen to NPR on airplanes (admittedly, I'll never get to compete on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me by doing this), I've listened to lectures from universities around the world, I've heard conference presentations for conferences I skipped, and I laugh till I cry when listening to "Julian Fleisher's Guilty Pleasures: What songs do you most hate to love?"

So what about podcasts on philanthropy? Sean Stannard-Stockton has a series of interviews here. Business Week has a podcast series called Top Givers. The Queensland University of Technology Centre on Philanthropy has a series of podcasts that focuses on research and policy for the sector. Google and Technorati searches pull up a few more - here is one directory and here is another. Not a lot - so send me more if you can find 'em.


Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

Anonymous said...

Social Innovations on the Conversation Network:

xb blog said...

I love ted talks for world changing stuff
and i think jess patel has something potentially great with his, if he can find enough money to keep it going.

Gayle said...

Hi Lucy,

Like you, I love my podcasts, but finding good reference listings for philanthropy related feeds has been hard. In my iPod you'll find several of the above, plus the following:

Big Vision
Democracy Now
Manager Tools
Audio Dharma
Free Buddhist Audio
News from Lake Wobegon
Car Talk
This American Life

Now, only a few of these are nonprofit or philanthropy related, but I'm ex-pat from Minnesota, so I just got a get my Prairie Home Companion fix in. Though, I have no excuses for loving "Click and Clack."

On the video side, I've found it even harder finding good nonprofit or philanthropy related feeds (particularly that match my social justice interest), so am looking forward to your new philanthropy channel. (But please any way we can put a limit on the old-white-guy-talking-from-behind-a-podium-thing?) In the meantime, do you have any recommendations here?

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Lucy Bernholz said...

Peace corps podcasters are here