Friday, March 02, 2007

Maps and other ways to find our way

Check out this collection of maps drawn from memory (by seventh graders, no less). Then, head over here to see the "fool's world map." These came to my attention from

You can also scoot over to the flickr group "from memory" for maps and other things drawn as remembered. Kottke also found the site from InformationArchitects where Internet predictions for 2007 are displayed as a London subway map. (Two of my favorite things - trends and maps)

Then, of course, there are the many cool tools for visualizing data - from swivel to Many Eyes.
And the super cool periodic table of visualization tools. And then there is narrative, as seen in this knowledge map of mobile banking.

So what for philanthropy? The point here is best illustrated (pun intended) by Edward Tufte, the guru of visual information. How data are displayed influence how data are interpreted.

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