Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assignment Zero - reinventing journalism is a great example of those who want to "stop whining and start doing." Instead of continuing to bemoan the way new media are changing old media, these folks are promoting a "pro-am" middle ground. Take the best of editorial professionalism, add the reach, diversity, and tenaciousness of dedicated amateur writers (bloggers) and sic em both on interesting stories - that is the idea behind NewAssignment's project, AssignmentZero. It takes the best possibilities of sites like Digg and NewsTrust and moves it from the back end (readers) to the front end (writers). I can't wait to see what happens.

For philanthropy, its this "pro-am" mix that has such potential. Philanthropic professionals - fundraisers, program officers, evaluators - produce a lot of good stuff. But they don't have anywhere near the reach nor the ground-level perspective of the nonprofit professionals, dedicated individual donors, or activists - lets bring them together and see what we can do for philanthropic giving.

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