Thursday, December 06, 2012

Guess #Philanthropy #buzzword #10 - win Blueprint 2013

Can you guess what the last #philanthropy #buzzword for 2012 will be? If you do, I'll send you a free hard copy of the Blueprint 2013. These are rarities - a limited number of the books will be printed and available.

(Watch this space for where, when and how you can get your own pdf download of the Blueprint 2013. But if you want a published copy you have very few choices - win this guessing game or re-start your lapsed subscription to SSIR)

Here's the running list of 2012 buzzwords, numbers nine to one:

9) MOOCs
8) Hackathon
7) Fiscal Cliff
6) Resilience
5) Social Welfare Organization
4) Sensemaking
3) Data Scientist
2) Flash Mob Philanthropy
1) Data

Here are the Buzzword lists from 2011, 2010, 2009 , 2008, and 2007.*
I don't (knowingly) repeat buzzwords.  

I will post Buzzword #10 on the Chronicle of Philanthropy's website on December 27, 2012. December 17, Pacific Daylight Time. Entries need to be posted to the comment section of this blog or tweeted to me (@p2173) before midnight PDT on December 16, 2012. If you win, I'll let you know and then I'll need a snail mail address.

*I should also have offered an award to guess how many years I've been doing this. I would have gotten the answer wrong. Thank goodness for blog archives.


Gabrielle Ritchie said...

Buzzword 10 for 2012: crowdfunding

Lucy Bernholz said...

Other suggestions from Twitter

Crowdsource (ing)
Impact metrics
value creation

(from Lucy - All fabulous suggestions, all good for Buzzword bing, some used in the past. - but none of these are my #10 for 2012 - so keep guessing!)

Lucy Bernholz said...

I meant buzzword bingo in comment above.

Some more from Twitter

Collective Impact

Victoria Vrana said...

Have you used transparency before?

Kyky said...

Buzzword 10 for 2012: Fiscal Cliff

Lucy Bernholz said...

Fiscal Cliff is a great guess - but it was 2012 #7 -

Kyle Reis said...

"Funder collaborative"

Lucy Bernholz said...

Thanks for playing! No, it's not funder collaborative I'm afraid.

Keep guessing!

Lucy Bernholz said...

From Twitter - the best Philanthropy portmanteau -


But, alas, it is not #buzzword #10