Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful and Brilliant Awards

I've called out great info presentation from Humanity United and the Knight Foundation over the last years. I'm happy to add the three following examples of "beautiful and brilliant" information sharing from foundations.
  • Mozilla Foundation for its Annual Report (includes videos, short sections you can click through, great photos, right information)
  • Irvine Foundation's Art Innovation Fund evaluation - engaging site, right-sized information categories, key points easy to find, useful, intuitive infographics.
  • The Hewlett Foundation's Periscope tool for its grants database. The plusses - you want to play with it, it's easy to look for patterns, find gaps, query clusters and ask new questions. Best thing - they're licensing the software under a Creative Commons agreement to other funders. The downside - it makes it clearer than ever before that grants data can only tell a small part of any story. 

Evaluation reports, annual reports, and grants databases - three common foundation communications. Thanks to Mozilla, Irvine and Hewlett for upping the ante on how to present this information in a ways that might encourage us to use it.

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