Tuesday, December 11, 2012

and the final buzzword is....

....not going to be revealed until December 27th. And it won't be revealed here, but in the Chronicle of Philanthropy (as we did last year, and we shall do from now on).

The good news? That gives you an extra 10 days to keep guessing what it could possibly be. Anyone who guesses it (and posts it on comments of this blog) before midnight PST on December 26 will win a free, signed, hard copy of the Blueprint 2013.

The bad news? There is no bad news.

But to remind you, here's the list as it now stands: Philanthropy Buzzwords 2012.

10) ?
9) MOOCs
8) Hackathon
7) Fiscal Cliff
6) Resilience
5) Social Welfare Organization
4) Sensemaking
3) Data Scientist
2) Flash Mob Philanthropy
1) Data

Here are the Buzzword lists from 2011, 2010, 2009 , 2008, and 2007.


Lucy Bernholz said...

and, nope, it's not "pivot" as was sent to me via email

Anonymous said...

2012 Buzzword...


Kyle Reis said...

Here's my hat in the ring:
"Funder collaborative"

Lucy Bernholz said...

On behalf of twitter

Charitable Deduction

(It's a good one, but alas, not the #10)

Lucy Bernholz said...

Also from email - a great guess, and rare case of submitting a buzzword and its context

"My vote for your #10 buzzword relates to Nate Silver: Signal and Noise. You hear it referenced everywhere, often incorrectly, which is often a sign of a buzzword. Example: he reached the tipping point on that topic."

Alas, not the correct guess.