Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Prediction review

Alliance Magazine's December issue has several articles worth reading. The issue of the issue is "how far will they go" and it includes discussions and examples of foundations going "all out" to achieve their goals. Some of you will, no doubt, say "not far enough."

Since it is December and time to check in on trends, buzzwords, and predictions, this issue of Alliance also includes my review of my 2008 predictions. My piece "Back to the Future" is available here and on the home and publications pages of Blueprint Research & Design's website. Please subscribe to Alliance to get all the rest of the best stuff.

Just as a teaser, the first item in the 2007 predictions line (written on December 5, 2007) reads as follows:
"Almost all economic predictions for 2008 point to much slower growth, and even recession, in the US economy, which would matter domestically and globally.
Today's headlines read, "Its official: U.S. in recession all of 2008"

Not all of of my predictions were as on target - check them out here. And since I believe crowds are far wiser than I am, and with all due respect for Black Swans, let us bring your brain into this discussion - what do you predict for philanthropy 2009? Comment below and I will compile, edit, and post. Comment today and I'll email you a free copy of the Alliance review of my 2008 list. The price to play? You have to be willing to review your predictions, publicly, one year from now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy, I predict that not only will Paul Light's projection about the contraction of the sector be low, I also predict that as a result, there will be a rush of mergers between like non-profits and small foundations, including public foundations. People will, hopefully, look for places where they can align infrastructure, coordinate work with similar donors, leverage program synergies and build stronger coalitions. Some of these will result in stronger organizations with greater impact, others will contribute to the contraction of the sector.

Happy to review next year!


Lucy Bernholz said...

Hey Ellen

Thanks for jumping in! I've got your comment noted for the prediction list - thanks for sharing it and we'll be sure to check back in this time next year!

Anyone else.....?