Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buzzword 2008.10 - Philanthrocapitalism

And the final buzzword for 2008....Philanthrocapitalism. It definitely goes to prove that buzzwords created by professional journalists will get a LOT of play. A Google search on the terms brings up 41,000 hits. The book has been reviewed everywhere, debated everywhere, and discussed everywhere. Even though, from an elegance stand point, this phrase has to be one of the worst word mashups ever, this is a term with serious buzz.

So here is the whole 2008 list. Enjoy...

10) Philanthrocapitalism
9) Social Capital
8) NextGen
7) Charitable Gift Cards
6) Good gifting
5) Micro - (endowment, philanthropy, finance, franchise, consignment)
4) Design,
3) Outsourced Program Advising,
2) Labs,
1) Mobile Giving,

And now, as a special bonus prize, here are some more top ten lists and buzzword games to get you through till January.

Buzzword bingo

And some other top ten lists:

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Anonymous said...

Seriously - we were just talking about philanthrocapitalism at our blog too... I did that Google search to see what other reviews were saying and was shocked at the 41,000... There is so much out there about it right now, but the Michael Edwards essay is my favorite.