Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Buzzword 2008.8 - Next Gen

Here is buzzword number 8 for 2008....NextGen - the hip short hand for next generation. Unlike software, when used in philanthropy and nonprofits NextGen really refers to people - the next generation of leaders.

This buzzword has its detractors - read this fabulous post about the need to focus on ThisGen, not nextgen.

Next gen got its mainstream philanthropy kickoff in April, at the Council on Foundations conference. The 2008 conference was the first time this mainstay event paid more than lip service to the abilities and promise of younger leaders. The sector got some good research this year on both the promise and needs of next gen leaders. BridgeStar, a leadership effort for the nonprofit space, also began to get some traction, as did JustMeans.

Nextgen is a great buzzword because it comes with its own built-in "end date" - we'll know the nextgen focus is real (andnot just buzz) when use of the term is either passe or has shifted to thisgen.

Here's the rest of the list

8) NextGen
7) Charitable Gift Cards
6) Good Gifting
5) Micro -,
4) Design,
3) Outsourced Program Advising,
2) Labs,
1) Mobile Giving


Jewish Philanthropy News and Views said...

At the recent Jewish Agency for Israel Assembly, it was decided that the term NextGen deserves to be buried. The appropriate moniker for JAFI will be NowGen.


Lucy Bernholz said...

This is great! The first time a buzzword's been de-listed! Thanks for filling me in...and since Jewish philanthropy was out ahead of the secular folks on the us of this term - and now on its non-use - expect to see NowGen move on over into secular philanthropy...

Thanks Dan

Kevin Laskowski said...

As a next-, now-, this-something or other, I say we de-list "generation" entirely. There's no such thing as a generation. What do you think?