Sunday, December 21, 2008

Commons, not markets

The title of this post "commons, not markets" hints at a much larger theme I'm working on. In that vein, however, here is an interesting site and presentation on a "social venture commons" that I found through twitter (#igniter). Note the presentation refers to micro-funds.

Reminds me of my "Let's pitch Hollywood" and "Giving Commons" posts. And the SVC seems to be real(ish).


Anonymous said...

Lucy, thanks for the pointer. Updated presentation is up at and there is a twitter hashtag for some initial conversation at #svc ( The micro-funds post is at

Looking forward to learning where you are going w/ commons v. markets. Very exciting times - great opportunity for 'new' models and systems and the need is only growing.



Anonymous said...

And yes --- becoming real. Will have prototypes live in January.

Happy holidays!