Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No, I didn't "predict" the Madoff Ripoff

I assume no one takes me seriously when I claim to predict the future. I mean, c'mon, if I could predict the future don't you think I'd be doing something else besides working all the time and writing this blog?

I call my "predictions" predictions to be provocative. They're really just informed, intended-to-be realistic remixes of patterns I notice in what is going on now, things I hear are in development, trends that have some legs, and some reflections on what similar combinations have resulted in in the past. One source of data for such "predictions" is the list of ideas posted here and in the comments.

That said, as I watch the heartbreakingly sad (and infuriating) demise of several foundations and major charitable budgets in the wake of the great Madoff Ripoff, I'm kicking myself for not having predicted something like this. Surely, rising economies hide all kinds of scandals which only get exposed as the tide inevitably pulls out. I've taken a fair bit of heat for writing that logic dictates that charitable giving will drop in the wake of our economic woes - I'm only feeling more certain that I'm right. And hoping that more shoes like this don't drop in the coming months.

That said, here is a nice collection of 2009 predictions - great job, @kanter. And check out the new Craigslist for Service efforts. (Audio from Forum program will be here later today).


Jeff Trexler said...

Marshall McLuhan was wont to say that he wasn't making predictions about the future--he was merely describing the present!

Lucy Bernholz said...

Arianna Huffington agrees with me - we all should have known --