Monday, May 14, 2007

Where in the philanthropy media sphere...?

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Flickr fans will be familiar with the game "Where in ____?" For the rest of you, this is a photo identification game. Players post photos of urban curiosities (making sure to remove any location-identifying elements), and others try to guess Where in San Francisco, New York, or where ever the tag indicates the photographed item/feature/landmark is.

What is amazing about this is how quickly certain photos get identified - some take mere minutes. And location is specific: acceptable answers are the along the lines of "on the southern wall of the corner building on the northeast corner of 25th Street and Folsom." "In the Mission" would not count as winning answer.

So, look at the Leaderboard below and tell me "Where in the philanthropy media sphere" this list comes from. You might also tell me what thoughts the list inspires in you.

Winner will get....something.


Ashoka $26,760$60,000
City Year $15,060$75,000
Creative Commons $15,980$60,000
Donors Choose $19,520$60,000
Oceana $20,380$60,000
Room to Read $27,140$60,000
Teach For
U.S. Fund for
Witness $18,220$60,000
World Wildlife


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

This is from Good magazine. Not sure it was actually in this month's issue. I feel like I saw it in an email update from them? And I'm pretty sure it represents their donations to organizations that match subscription rates. Nifty idea all around!

Victoria Vrana (VPP)

Anonymous said...

It’s from Good Magazine. It’s part of their initial subscription push. Instead of buying a subscription, you can donate the same amount to any of the organizations listed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

I believe the chart is from Good magazine, not necessarily this months print version. I feel like I saw it in an email from Good. I think it represents the matching gifts they are giving to nonprofits for subscriptions to their publication. Nifty idea!

Victoria (VPP)

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's from the GOOD Magazine newletter. The same info is on their site...subscribers pick one of these charities to get the whole cost of their subscription.