Thursday, May 24, 2007

Research on philanthropy

New Aspen Institute Nonprofit Sector Research grants were just announced. They are:

Angela Eikenberry, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Project: Giving Circles and Their Impacts on Donor Attitudes and Behaviors

Cynthia Gair, Director, REDF (formerly Roberts Enterprise Development Fund)
Project: Stepping Out of the Maze: Aligning to Improve the Nonprofit Capital Market

Marybeth Gasman, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Project: A Growing Tradition? Examining the African-American Family Foundation

David Bonbright, Chief Executive, Keystone
Project: Realizing the Potential for Impact of Online Giving Marketplaces: Improving Performance Reporting

Two of these - Stepping out of the Maze and Realizing the Potential for Impact of Online Giving Marketplaces - are of particular interest to me as they go to issues at the heart of philanthropic capital markets. I'll try to connect with David Bonbright and Cynthia Gair to learn more and bring that information to your attention.

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