Monday, May 07, 2007

A million here, a million there, its almost real money

The annual Robin Hood benefit has come a long way since 1990, when its annual event raised $700,000.

Last week the event raised $71 million, 32 percent more than 2006. Yes, $71 million - in one night.

As quoted in the New York Times:

“It was an evening of excess,” said a hedge fund manager who asked not to be identified. “Celebrity excess, charity excess. The scale of everything was just amazing.”

The fund is focused on ending poverty in NYC - here's how they do it.

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Anonymous said...

That's unbelievable! What a great success story. The largest nonprofits in my area (Louisville, KY) only $75k-$125k-ish for a one time event.

I'd love to see the results it yields. I didn't know about Robin Hood. It's now in my cue for a post.