Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big ideas

Check out the big ideas here at the Modern Marvels/Invent Now. David Pogue (my idol) served as a judge and wrote about some of the winners here. This weekend in San Mateo, CA the 2nd Annual Makers Faire will let the rest of us jump in and invent something.

Having just spent a week talking with lots of people about the unacceptable state of inner city schools, I look at these nutty, creative, idea extravaganzas and wonder, "Why can't we build an educational system that sparks this kind of thinking, instead of the rampant inability to fill in little circles on a form?"

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Nina said...

Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it. I share your sentiment regarding the dismal state of our education system. I send my own kids to a Sudbury school, because I feel like it is the only real alternative to a system that no longer delivers young people into the world prepared to be and do what will be asked of them.