Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three random philanthropy in the media bits

Last week Science Friday featured Tom Kalil of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) talking about prizes, prize philanthropy, and government challenges. Hear it here: science friday (HT @pbftwit)

Doonesbury takes on the Giving Pledge: (Pictures may not render in email subscriptions - see blog on the web here. http://philanthropy.blogspot.com/ )

And Non Sequitur takes on Collaborative Consumption, which I wrote about yesterday:


Since yesterday's blog about What's Mine is Yours I've spent a lot of time thinking about libraries - which seem to me to be the quintessential example of community-based, publicly supported, material sharing. Museums and parks - especially those that are free to the public - also come to mind. Others?

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Tegan @ TisBest said...

Perhaps community gardens fit into this model? The space is shared, and trusting the other users (as well as passers-by) with your carefully-tended plants can be an exercise in good faith.

While the "materials" aren't universally shared community-wide, there is certainly an expectation that part of your harvest will be donated to the community. Most community gardens are connected to a food bank program.